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How HomeWAV Connects Inmates with the Outside World.

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A Trusted Leader in Inmate Communication Technology 

HomeWAV works tirelessly to develop innovative technology, lead with fairness, and practice transparency. It’s this drive that makes us the leader in providing simple, secure inmate communications to correctional facilities from coast to coast. 

Video Calls 

Our HomePAS™ kiosk allows inmates to conduct remote video calls through our patented inmate-initiated video visitation technology. Inmates can initiate a remote video call any time an approved visitor is online — without any advanced scheduling or staff intervention. 

Voice Calls  

HomeWAV’s inmate phone system also allows for traditional inmate jail calls. Our agile VoIP phone can run through any compatible internet-enabled device with the appropriate software, eliminating the barriers more restrictive landlines present. 


HomeWAV’s all-in-one HomePAS™ kiosk software also offers secure, monitored SMS-style messaging with a fair and customizable pricing model. 

ComPAS Tablets 

Backed by SupermaX™ for exceptional security, our ComPAS™ tablet was built and developed specifically for correctional use. Provide your inmates with education, entertainment, messaging, voice calls, video calls, and much more without the need for staff intervention — just like our HomePAS™ kiosk. 

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Comprehensive, Tailored Solutions 

Inmate communication apps and systems shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Choose from our library of add-on features to design a complete communication system perfectly suited to your facility’s needs. 

Video and Voice Biometrics 

HomeWAV is the only inmate communications company providing continuous voice biometric services for both inmate video calls and voice calls. Our biometrics system is among the most advanced in the industry, allowing for easy enrollment, seamless voice identification, and in-depth PIN security measures and search functionality. Biometric data is automatically uploaded into an investigation framework, enabling you to assist security and intelligence measures. 

Commissary Ordering 

Why deal with separate commissary kiosks or cumbersome order forms? Our HomePAS™ kiosk and ComPAS™ tablet can integrate with any commissary provider, meaning inmates can use it to access your facility’s commissary menu. We readily integrate all types of commissary software on our kiosk system (along with other service offerings), allowing it to be an all-in-one solution for your facility that accepts the same set of inmate funds. 

DigitalDoc Paperless System  

Do away with wasteful paper processes by digitizing all inmate documents and requests. Create custom forms for any type of request, simplify processes with automated workflows, and reduce liability with audit trails and activity tracking. 

Video Arraignment 

HomeWAV provides video and court arraignment through LegalEyes™, eliminating the need to transport defendants to courtrooms. Remote arraignments reduce transportation costs and minimize exposure to less-secure environments outside the facility. 

Law Library Integration 

Inmates can access GoLegal™, HomeWAV’s law library feature, through our all-in-one kiosk and our ComPAS™ tablet. Provide your inmates with proper access to legal research — all without the need for paper books or inmate transport. 


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