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Keeping Families and Communities Connected.

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At HomeWAV, we truly believe in the power of connection. Our highest mission is to provide incarcerated individuals with low-cost, innovative, and easy-to-use solutions for staying connected to their families, loved ones, and communities. Create an Account

HomeWAV Features

Video and Voice Calls

Whether you want to video chat or make a simple call, HomeWAV helps you easily and safely connect with the power of technology — no pricey, time-intensive travel required.

Direct Scheduling

HomeWAV offers a flexible alternative to setting up tricky on-site/lobby visits. Unlike the usual system that requires assistance from jail staff, HomeWAV’s ByPAS™ scheduling software allows you to directly schedule onsite visits.

Inmate Availability

Receiving a call from an inmate is incredibly simple. When an incarcerated loved one logs into the HomeWAV kiosk, you’ll get a push notification, and their call requests will pop up on your screen similar to a regular phone call.


Calling isn’t the only way you can connect with a loved one using HomeWAV. Use our email and text messaging features if you’re looking for a quicker way to chat or share updates.

Free Mobile App

Downloading the app is 100% free, whether you’re using iOS or Android. Scan the QR code on our website with your camera or download it straight from your app store to experience the HomeWAV difference for yourself.

The HomeWAV Difference

Fewer Costs, Lower Barriers, Zero Travel

In-person visitations can be intimidating, expensive, and time-consuming. With HomeWAV, inmates can visit their spouses, kids, parents, grandparents, friends, and even pets in a more natural and relaxed environment via video visitation.

More Flexible Scheduling

Our ByPAS™ scheduling software empowers users to directly schedule on-site visits without any assistance from jail staff. Plus, many of our facility partners choose to expand their remote visitation hours, allowing both inmates and their loved ones to connect during a wider window of time.

Improved Inmate Mental Health and Rehabilitation

Incarceration is difficult for both inmates and their loved ones, but research shows that visits from friends and family can improve inmates’ mental health and help set them up for success — both during incarceration and after release. Read More

Kid-Friendly Environment

Parents might be understandably reluctant to bring their children to in-person visits — and many facilities have strict rules barring young children from entering anyway. HomeWAV allows incarcerated parents to see, talk to, and laugh with their children without exposing them to a potentially harsh jail or prison environment. (However, please note that rules and regulations regarding minors on calls are determined and vary by facility.)

No Hidden Fees

We’re committed to upholding a high standard of integrity and fairness. Not only are our video costs comparable to traditional voice calls, but we only charge for the length of the visit. No minimum call length, no connection fees, and fully transparent billing — that’s the HomeWAV difference.

We Offer Multiple Ways to Stay Connected

Whether you’re looking to have a video visitation, make a phone call, send an email, or schedule an on-site visit, HomeWAV’s tech-driven inmate communication app can help you easily connect. Why not get started today?

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