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Our Story: Keeping Communities Connected 

For many, being separated from an incarcerated loved one is one of the hardest things they’ll ever do. HomeWAV uses the power of technology to ensure families and friends can stay connected — no matter the distance or situation. Maintaining connection in jail is critical towards improving mental health and a successful transition to the outside world.  

Regardless, communicating with incarcerated loved ones is not only tricky, but can also be a large financial burden. We are here to support your efforts to communicate and stay connected. In turn, we’re committed to reducing this cost barrier and making it easier for folks to keep up with those in the justice system.  

How Does HomeWAV Work?

We offer an easy-to-use, cost-effective inmate communicationplatform that allows those who are incarcerated to chat with family and friends — without the hassle of traveling or setting up an in-person visit. In fact, everything can be done from the comfort of home. 

HomeWAV’s inmate-initiated video visitation application allows for: 

      • Video visitation with inmates 
      • Voice calls 
      • eMessaging 
      • Account management, including adding or transferring funds
      • Scheduling and confirming on-site/lobby visits (please note that this varies by facility) 
      • Receiving notifications and alerts when an incarcerated loved one is available to communicate 

If you’re wondering how to set up inmate calling, visit our homepage or FAQ. 


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The HomeWAV Difference

Want to learn more about how the HomeWAV mobile application can help you connect with loved ones through video visitation? Click here to see how we make inmate communicationssimple, convenient, and straightforward.